Shine Your Ride – One-on-one Car Detailing Training


This one-on-one detail workshop is suited to each participant and their needs, learning the craft of detailing on their own ride.

We strategically go through each step of the detailing process starting with the wheels and engine bay, paint polishing and last-stage protections. This training workshop will provide the necessary skills and knowledge to comfortably detail your own car with confidence, the right way.

The detail process includes:

  • Cleaning of wheels and Engine Bay
  • Pre-wash and Contact Wash
  • Paint Decontamination Process
  • Paint Polishing by hand and machine
  • Application of Paint Protection (Wax, Sealant, etc)
  • Glass Cleaning, Interior Work, and Odds and Ends

You’ll also receive a FLYNNS Car Care Product Starter Kit as part of this workshop!


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