Birthday Special: 47% OFF Ceramic Coating Paint Protection + Restore Detail Package (SAVE R2,700!)

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Includes: Snow Foam Pre Wash | Safe Wash and Dry Procedure | Tar Removal | Iron Removal | Clay Bar Application | Multi Stages of Machine Polishing to remove scratches, swirls & other paint blemishes | All glass cleaned with VISION® Glass Cleaner | Tail Pipes Polished | All trim dressed with RENEW® Trim Restorer | All tyres dressed with STANCE® Tyre Creme | All Interior surfaces finished with CABIN® Interior Detailer | A 4-year Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

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“Mike did my Audi A1 which had light rusting on the one panel, loads of swirls and exhaust tips that were black. Afterwards, flawless, all was sorted and the car looks incredible. Thanks Mike!”

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